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, must be because i was just so smart. there are a lot of smart people out there. bill: take us into the mind frame for a comment like that. white house would come out and argue and i imagine they will government has a purpose and that was the point the president was trying to make. the point you're making this goes back to his days a as community organizer. explain that. >> well, i think in essence when you're a community organizer you're basically dealing with a lot of people disadvantaged you're trying to get them government assistance or welfare checks or whatever and the other part of the story though is that people who are creating jobs are getting up every day and going to work and working very, very hard. this should be a campaign celebrating the american worker. his story in itself is successful story. bill: president obama. >> president obama. i think to certain extent but reflect as mindset. it is the mindset the contrast between what romney and his campaign will be about. we can again become a great leader of the world as we always have been. we can get americans bac
and use it to strengthen our commitment to each other. >> to the families of those gathered here today, we remain here for you. our community is here for you. colorado is here for you and always will be. >> the senseless and evil act of violence left many of us wondering how and why this could happen. these questions arise when the everyday securities and certainties of life, the trust we carry in our fellow human beings, that we can go safely to work each day or go to school or to the movies are shaken. it's natural for us to wonder why does this kind of suffering happen and what does it really mean. martha: boy, indeed it is. those are the big questions this morning and police say that the 24-year-old suspect, james holmes is refusing to cooperate ahead of his court appearance which happens this morning. right now he is in solitary confinement. alicia acuna is live outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado, where this will play out in next couple hours. how is this expected to go? >> reporter: this could all be over with in five minutes or less. this is just the beginning of the pro
us about that, alicia. >> reporter: yeah. judge william sylvester will also address the motions by the defense as well as by the media. 20 media organizations including fox news are requesting that records relating to the case be unsealed arguing that the public has a legitimate interest in knowing what actions were taken by multiple officials in the case including information relating to dr. lynn fenton. she is a psychiatrist at the university of colorado medical center, who according to court documents was treating holmes and to whom he sent a package. fox and other news outlets said that package contained a notebook which holmes reportedly dei would at that the killings. the defense has filed a motion that package be turned over immediately. bill: a lot to go through. alicia acuna thank you. the deeper it gets. more coming up on the story. holmes would potentially face hundreds of charges today. plus what about his behavior in and outside of the courtroom? is it an act? our panel will debate that. heather. heather: three of the victims were laid to recent over the weekend in
>> gretchen: we're back outside with the girl scouts who will perform another number for us in the after the show show. thanks for being here today. >> clayton: happy independence day, everyone. enjoy this day. >> peter: god bless america. >> gretchen: here is to america. see you tomorrow. overseas this morning. a u.s. apology ended a bitter seven-month standoff with pakistan. the company reopening a critical border route that is up price nato forces in afghanistan. islamabad blocked the supply route after a nato airstrike killed 24 pakistani soldiers. good morning once again. i'm martha maccallum. we're here in "america's newsroom". gregg: happy independence day. i'm gregg jarrett in for bill. an apology critics are calling too easy but the agreement could save the united states $100 million every month. secretary of state hillary clinton having a telephone conversation with pakistan's prime minister discussing the death that led both countries into that bitter debate. clinton saying quote, we are sorry for the losses suffered by the pakistani military. we are committed to
henneberg is live on the story for us in washington. molly, is the u.s. admitting that our military messed up with that airstrike? >> reporter: no, martha, to the contrary. it was a very carefully worded apology that did not take the blame for the airstrike. look at more what secretary of state hillary clinton said to her counterpart in pakistan. she said, quote, i offered our sincere condolences to the families of the pakistani soldiers who lost their lives. foreign minister carr and i talked about the mistakes that resulted in loss 6 pakistani military lives. we are sorry for the losses suffered by the pakistani military. the obama administration declined to apologize for the past seven months. u.s. military leaders did a investigation and found that pakistani forces fired at u.s. troops and helicopters first prompting the u.s. response that killed 24 pakistani troops. although pakistan did not get the quote, unconnal apology it had asked for today the land routes between pakistan and afghanistan will reopen. martha. martha: in the end of it what the united states got out of it, molly? >
. bill: if you live in virginia, watching tv get used to these ads, man. also in the virginia the threat of these automatic spending cuts facing the military which is a big issue in the southeastern part of that state how does it play, bill? >> reporter: no question, bill. the norfolk area has the world's largest naval base. automatic defense cuts due to start in the new year would cut the navy to the smallest it has been since 1915. you have tens of thousands of defense contractors who are expecting they will be getting layoff notice unless congress and white house can work out a deal to offset these defense cuts. so there is great anxiety in virginia about these pending defense cuts. recent surveys suggest virginia is number one in the country in terms of defense spending in its state. republicans are saying to president obama where is your plan to deal with these defense cuts. bill? bill: mike you, thank you. to our viewers at home, hear a lot about virginia. it flipped in 2008. we had not seen that in 40 years. go back to 2008 on the map. red is republican. blue is democrat. blue is
average so far this year. stu varney, host of "varney & company" on fox business network joins us now. so, stu, read the tea leaves so to speak for us. what are we expecting? >> i've got two pointers for you, heather. both of them suggest a weak jobs report. pointer number one, personal spending, consumer spending, it's actually fallen in each of the last two months. now in america that is a very unusual happening. normally, consumer spending goes up gradually. for the last two months it has actually gone down. second pointer, today we received a report from visa which suggests that this july the 4th week we will spend 11% less on july 4th related events than we did last year. so pointer number one is weak spending. that suggest a weak jobs report. but there is another one. so far this year the number of people filing unemployment claims, and that is an indicator of layoffs, that has gone up. we're now very close to the danger eppoint of 400,000 new faces on the unemployment lines each and every week. two pointers suggest weakness in the jobs report come friday morning. i would offer the
are rising with iran they have launched missiles believed to be capable of hitting u.s. targets in the region. i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom". gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. terrific to have you back. everybody missed you. martha: good to see you this morning. we'll see bill in a few days. gregg: back to our top story. iranian state television saying these tests are a show of force. martha: but it comes just after the oil embargo went into effect. that embargo is meant to choke iran financially and pressure tehran to make different decisions about pursuing nuclear weapons. leland vittert joins us live in jerusalem. how serious is this military drill, leland? >> reporter: very serious considering the missiles being launched. you threaten us economically, we will threaten you with missiles. the video they put out is of the shahab-3 missile that has range of 1250 miles. it would hit israel and 100,000 u.s. troops are in harm's way. iranians made it clear whoer this shooting at. they built mockups what they call enemy military bases for them to launch the missiles out. the it also c
. the facility which is suspected by a number of intelligence organizations of being used by the iranians for high explosive tests which would be necessary in order to trigger a nuclear weapon. this is a june 7th image. we'll switch now to the june 21st image where according to a u.s. watchdog group shows earth-moving equipment covered up a lot of evidence and water tanks were used to clean out buildings. if history repeats itself we'll see the iranians to suddenly decide to allow inspectors into the facility to buy themselves a little more time. martha? martha: leland, thank you so much. leland vittert in jerusalem. gregg: the united states apparently doing its own show of force. new reports that the pentagon has ordered more american warships into the persian gulf, this after iran threatened to disrupt traffic in the strait of hormuz. more u.s. fighter jets will also be available in case the standoff over iran's nuclear weapons program escalates. the deployments also reportedly part of an effort to reassure israel that the united states is doing everything it can to deal with tehran. ma
. both states are also prime territory for his push to rebuild u.s. manufacturing. the campaign is calling this betting on america bus tour. it is a safe bet the president will showcase the auto industry bailout which mitt romney opposed. the industry ad ad quarter of a million jobs since the bailout in 2009. he celebrated fourth with servicemen and women with a picnic on the south lawn and naturalization ceremony for 25 members of the armed services for 17 different countries who sacrificed for the country even before becoming americans. it is a brief respite from campaigning but today he is at it at full-speed. the president is expected to announce an unfair trade complaint against china because of illegal american duties against suv. china coincidentally, is china's third largest export market. rick: wendell, is governor mitt romney responding to the president's bus tour the next couple days? >> reporter: romney is continuing a week long vacation in new hampshire. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty and governor bobby jindal of louisiana will make a bus tour ahead of the g
important to us. every ounce of evidence will help us hold this person accountable. so, it was a very, very high priority that we recover evidence and i'm so grateful that we had the bomb professionals from the feds and our local agencies to help us do that. gregg: agents also seizing 10 gallons of gasoline and a poster and a mask related to the "batman" movies. martha: we'll get back to that in just a moment. we want to go to the ncaa statement on penn state. let's listen in. >> and the powerful people who let them down. there's also been much speculation on whether or not the ncaa has the authority to impose any type of penalty related to penn state. not only does the ncaa have the authority to act in this case, we also have the responsibility to say that such egregious behavior is not only against our bylaws and constitution, but also against our values system and basic human decency. the executive committee which acts on behalf of the entire association, and implements policies to resolve core issues, alongwith the division i board, a body of presidents representing all of division i di
used to them. getting used to these really high levels of unemployment in this country. the message that the president is sending out is that we're on the road to recovery. it is not as quick as he wants it to be. here is a look what the unemployment rate looks like. we've kind of leveled off and started to dip again. it is a tough sell. >> it's a real tough sell. we are drifting. here's the thing. you talk about participation rates, particularly amongst young people being a devastatingly low levels, a lot of people maybe to your point, they're sitting this thing out. they're sitting out the american dream. it is not just the jobs numbers, look at mortgage rates. you would think housing through the roof. rents are through the roof. why not go out buy a house? why not get married. why not have kids. in all facets of our economy people have simply dropped out. maybe the president gets, maybe there is certain indifference that he can take advantage of but certainly it is not hopeful. it is not the potential of america. this is not a typical post-recession recovery by any means. in fact
pass it. what do you think? >> reporter: grim is the main word to be used here. we recently had the largest city in america thus far file for bankruptcy. almost all boils down to the same thing. these obligations, very same city workers enjoy amazing lavish pension obligations and kind of tough to have it both ways particularly in cities like scranton where things haven't gone so well over last two decades. let me give you an example, martha. from january 2007 to april this year the people, pensioners have taken out 55 million in pensions but workers only put in 22 million. at some point you go down to zero. you know, according to outsiders who looked at this, they should have been putting in up to 10, 11 million dollars a year, minimum contribution from police and firemen have 3.3 million. at some point you can't have it both ways. it is draconian. absolutely no doubt about that. by the same token the other measures are 78% property tax. ultimately destroys your town. who wants to pay 78% on your home? or firing people. so the, the options are extraordinarily limited for all ar
thune has something to tell us about that this morning. he's here. >> no one is fooled by the republican's amendment. we've seen it for what it is, more republican obstruction that comes with the added bonus of stick iting it to the middle class are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. martha: we have some new information on that train derailment that caused a huge explosion sending a huge fireball into the sky. look at this video. >> [bleep]. [bleep]. come on. go! [bleep]. [bleep]. [bleep]. martha: unbelievable. so three tank cars on that train, each carrying 30,000 gallons ever ethanol caught fire in that crash and federal investigators are now working to determine exactly what caused the explosion and the derailment. unbelievable scenes. >> [bleep]. >> they were dynamically breaking -- braking coming into the curve. they were approximately the speed limit coming into the curve. shortly after entering the curve, th
they have the tools to do it. fox business network's charles payne with us. good morning to you. >> rerter: goodod mooinin llllwhwh are t tyy sayiying abouout ththtrengththff our ony, charles? >> reporter: very interesting and they came out with the minutes. essentially they acknowledge all the things the market is worried about. banking weakness and weakness in europe. they acknowledge the market would be off even more if feeling central bank including the fed would be accommodative. only half the people saw need for additional stimulus right now. that spooked the market. we had a massive selloff. we got better before the close. it is pretty clear, bill, wall street and the fed aren't on the same page. wall street wants action. fed is saying hey, give it a little bit more time. perhaps they're more bullish than the rest of us are. bill: they lowered their growth forecast and doesn't expect unemployment to fall below 8% until the end of this year. doesn't sound promising. >> reporter: you're absolutely right about that. they do all the accommodative measures. foreclosures at record lows. t
you did it! >> steve: he is so going to kill us later on today. >> gretchen: i can hardly wait. >> eric: now turn in your man card for having someone videotape you on one knee. right? >> steve: sean, that's great. we've got a surprise for sean in the after the show show. so log right on right now. see you back here tomorrow. bill: nice show, guys. good morning, everybody. 9:00 in new york and a very dangerous game of chicken on capitol hill. with the already very fragile economy hanging in the balancep democrats warning they're ready to take the nation over the so-called fiscal cliff. we're going to lock arms, are we? good morning i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom". martha: trying to picture a game of chicken on capitol hill. bill: chicken on the hill. martha: chicken on a stick. good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. you have democrats warning about looming defense cuts and expiring bush-era tax rates. they say they won't bush if the republicans won't bend. watch this. >> i will absolutely continue this debate into 2013 rather than lock in a long term dea
john barrasso, we'll talk to him about that. he joins us live later this hour. stay tuned. 35 minutes away on that. martha: boy, owl eyes when it comes to the economy today is on one place. that is fed chief ben bernanke. he will testify before congress. that starts in less than an hour. he will talk about the state of the u.s. economy and all of the recent numbers that we've seen point to a slowdown recurring in the u.s. economy. the big question will the fed intervene in any way? they don't have a whole lot of tools left in their tool box. we'll hear from the fed chief. his tone will be a big indication perhaps how the markets go this morning and what the reaction is to that. we're getting another indicator on the u.s. economy. it came out moments ago. labor department reported that consumer prices remain flat last month, held down chiefly by cheaper gas prices. seen them at the pump as they have been up having down over the past month or so. a speech by president obama give the other day stirred a lot of debate in the business community. we want to ask this gentleman about that, fo
that came out this morning and that is retail sales? >> terrible. martha: what does that tell us about what is going on? >> it is a terrible number. sales in june declined .5%. that is huge decline and unexpected. it tells us the economy is clearly weakening. in may retail sales were down. june retail sales were down some more. and a new survey out of national economists and they say hiring is weakening all over again. so too are the sales figures which we just reported. they have a negative outlook. in fact, most of them are looking for growth rate in the economy of 2% or less. and that is not a solid performance. martha: yeah. there are so many indicators out there, stuart, as you point out that we're hitting yet another rough patch. >> yes, we are. martha: in the economy. stuart, thank you very much. good to see you as always this morning. bill: stuart was talking about the survey released by the national association of business economics. it says u.s. jobs growth appears worse than three months ago. of 67 economists surveyed, only 22% reported rising employment in july. that is down fro
of a shootout on the u.s. side of the border that resulted in the death of a border patrol agent, brian terry. we will have much more, bill, coming up later in the show. >>> but right now some brand new reaction this morning from governor mitt romney as he wraps up his whirlwind, three-nation overseas tour today. the republican presidential candidate making a final stop in poland. that is where he stressed the friendship between washington and warsaw. listen. >> on behalf of my countrymen, i express deep appreciation for your willingness to fight with us, to stand with us, and to be our friends and in times of crisis and military conflict. heather: chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in the polish capital. that is where he had a chance to sit down with the presidential candidate earlier this morning. carl, you asked him to clarify a few points. what did he have to say? >> reporter: there has been this report that he offended palestinians the day before yesterday, excuse me, yesterday in jerusalem before coming here to poland before coming to a fund-raiser with jewish-american v
. the use of the record recovery is being very generous indeed. three years after the end of the recession we should not see a high number of new jobless claims, period. bill: just a week ago we were getting better. what happened? >> it was artificially low number. it included july 4th week. a lot of people didn't register for unemployment benefits. art fish -- artificially low. bill: they continue to go up. do we have a fix on that? >> the trends is up. you're getting perilously close to 400,000 each and every week. three years after the end of a recession you should not be seeing a number that high, not even close. bill: stuart, why is that happening? why can we not break the cycle? why are we still stuck in the mud? >> the economy is extremely weak, period. if i may express an opinion, the president's policies to regurgitate or sort of resuscitate the economy have failed. taxing, tax increases which we face down the road are not doing much for this economic recovery. in fact it is suppressing the recovery. bill: we'll talk to kevin mccarthy, part of the republican leadership on that top
to tell us what their plans are and they refuse to tell it. politics as usual. bill: you saw the poll there, about 72%. what do you make of that number? >> when you see 72% that is a bipartisan part of this country. this is a country understands small businesses create jobs. when the president wants to raise taxes he hurts small business. most of them run as an s corp. a bipartisan joint committee and went through and studied it. more than a million small businesses will have their taxes increased. small business creates more jobs than any large corporation. that's why we're hurting today. bill: you heard ben bernanke on the hill this week in a couple different hearings, one on the house side, one on the senate side. his message was do no harm. he cast concerned about that. what do you think of that comment? >> that comment was very telling, number one thing hurting american job growth is uncertainty and policies coming out of the white house. think for a moment when the democrats came in and democrats controlled all. that the stimulus would mean that unemployment would never go above
it up for today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. happy birthday. happy birthday from us to you as well. there are brand new developments on "operation fast and furious". fox news obtaining a report that names names and places blame. good morning, everybody. we get our first look at that i'm bill hemmer. welcome here. martha is on vaca. how are you doing? heather: nice to be back. i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. investigators point to five key figures from the bureau of alcohol firearms and explosives including acting director, ken melson. bill: that was specialed to track weapons and stop a crime wave. instead many of the guns would end up lost and end up on both sides of the border. the report says the operation was quote, marched by missteps, poor judgment and inherently recollectionless strategy. william la jeunesse is on the story in l.a. what else is in the. >> reporter: report the report has 10,000 documents most obtained under subpoena. paints poor oversight, sloppily significant tiff work and lying. saying director ken melson that he failed to supervise. assistant
outlook on the u.s. economy. >> no, it does not. we're still heading south. we're still weaker. tomorrow we get the gdp report. it will look like it shows a growth rate less than 1 1/2%. that is economy fully on its back. bill: thank you, stuart. stuart varney with us here. here is martha with more context. martha: you have the two factors stuart talked about. you've got growth where you get in the gdp. very significant where the economy is headed and you have the jobs. here is chart december '07 before the beginning of all the trouble you can see as the line goes up t goes all the way to today. the big spike in 2008 that was the worst of the worst, okay, to 2009. we're at this number, 253,000. the trend line looks good. it is hard to argue with that trend line. that is 353,000 right there. the yellow line shows you where we would be if we were in a healthy economy. you want to stay right in that zone. we're in that zone right now. what you need to do is put together weeks and then months that show you that the economy is truly headed in the right direction. we've been under the 375 for
. [applause] it should be done. martha: so wendell goler joins us live at the white house with more on this. wendell, after really a weekend of grieving and relative peace i guess you could say between the two candidates as they took time off the trail given what a was happening in colorado they seem to be back at it again and taking some hits at each other. >> reporter: you're right, martha and still fighting over the excerpted comments the president made about small business owners not creating their businesses. he actually said they didn't create the roads and the internet that connect people to them but romney supporters say that still represents a misread like the president's assertion that the private sector is doing just fine. here is a bit of more what each man had to say yesterday. >> governor romney was at it again. knowingly twisting my words around to suggest that i don't value small businesses. now, you know, look, in politics we all tolerate a certain amount of spin. i understand these are the games that get played in political campaigns. although, you know, when folks just li
of "varney & company", fox business network. take us through what we know here. >> jobless claims down 30 odd thousand. that looks good superficially but it is affected by seasonal numbers. second set of numbers, durable goods orders looking good, up 1.6%. degg deep. take out aircraft orders you have a big drop of over 1%. dig deep and these numbers are not as good as they look on the surface. bill: does this amount to a general reversal in jobs? >> no, sir, it does not. it does not. 350,000 new claims for jobless benefits, that is still a very high number and implies layoffs are still going strong it this economy. it doesn't really change the overall jobs picture which is negative. bill: you just mentioned this. we're learning that businesses cutbacks on orders for long-lasting factory goods. what does that mean? >> that is the economy on the ground floor. if you look within the durable goods numbers for example, you see orders for computers, electronics, electrical equipment, machinery, of all kind, came down. the only reason that the overall number went up because of a big spike in aircraf
focused on in colorado. >> steve: you'd be nuts not to join us in the after the show show because love and theft will do another number. right? very good. >> brian: they brought their instruments. >> gretchen: log on for the after the show show. have a great day. >> brian: follow us on twitter. on a tuesday morning, fox news alert. brand new numbers on the economy might spell trouble for the president's re-election campaign. 2/3 of likely voters say the weak economy is washington's fault and more people blame the president than anybody else for that. all this coming after a rough start on wall street. we lost 100 points on the dow yesterday. the second triple-digit loss in just two day's time. put all that together, we're figuring out which way we're going. i'm bill hemmer. welcome here to "america's newsroom." how are you doing? martha: i'm good. how are you. bill: nice to be back with you. martha: good morning to you, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. we have the economy clearly in the forefront of the news today. americans say the slow economic recovery they believe is the resul
we spend in this economy overall, that is trending much lower. confirming a sharp downtrend for the u.s. economy. martha: yeah. i see that mitt romney is about to make some statement on the gdp from his travels in london right now. we're going to get a market reaction here as well. the markets responded fairly well out of news on europe. what will they think of this both on the political front and wall street front, stuart? >> it is not as bad a report as some were expecting. on the other hand it is not so bad that ben bernanke will be tempted to chuck some money into the economy immediately. kind of a mixed bag for wall street. but for president obama, there is an outstanding question here, with the economy trending down so much, this bare 1 1/2% growth rate, will he stick with the policy raising taxes in the new year? regardless of the outcome of the election will it be the official policy of the democrats and this administration to raise taxes in a economy slowing dramatically and where the unemployment rate is not like to go below 8% this year? martha: you wonder what the argument w
of consecutive loss and that's what put us into the actual official recessionary status. by 2010 you had green arrows there up 2.4%, which looks like it heads toward a more healthy situation. remember for more context here, if you're in a really, healthy booming economy you're at 5, 6, even 7% growth which is what you usually see when you're starting it bounce out of a recessionary period. that's not what we're seeing here. back in 2007, take a look, 1.9%, in terms of real gdp growth. in 2004 woe were down at 3.5%. 05, 3.1%, and you can take a look how this chart has shaped up. and the number we got this morning, 1.5% growth, it is not a recessionary number as some people have been anticipating but it is not a lot of positive growth on the upside. we'll get one more number in october when we look at the next quarter gdp growth. that will come in right before the election period. rick? rick: switching gears for a minute let's talk about violent storms that caused serious damage in the northeast. check out this video of a transformer exploding behind a house in stony point new york. look at this
just some of the horror that we've seen, those of us covering this through the night. we're getting reports from some of the people inside that they played dead as the bullets were flying. just moments ago, police breaking through the window of the suspect's apartment building, very, very carefully, using a crane to break through the glass, afraid to go through the front door no doesn't after the gunman allegedly warned police there were explosives inside. gregg: here is a timeline how all of this unfolded. the batman premier began at midnight, 12:00 a.m. mountain time. 20 to 30 minutes later the chaos began. witnesses say the shots may have lasted up to 15 minutes. let's go right to trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with more. trace. >> reporter: we're following a number of different remotes hearing from producers in the field. we're getting more information from the witnesses, we see how horrific and chaotic this was. imagine a midnight showing of batman. a few minutes after the movie began the surround sound extraordinarily loud the witnesses say inside. a exit door
for joining us. we'll see you back here on monday. a gunman many people killed. at least 12 confirmed dead. many others are injured. some of them quite seriously. in all 50 people were shot and now we're waiting to hear from the colorado police department as crews swarm the suspect's apartment. good morning everyone i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer here in "america's newsroom.". >> what a shocking day in colorado. i'm jamie colby for martha maccallum today jaime: the suspect is in custody. police identify him as james holmes. witness reports say he entered the theater wear aghast mask, set off tear goose and opened fire. the look at chilling video taken by someone inside the theater as people are seen running for their lives. >> leave from here. leave from here. [shouting]. [inaudible conversations] >> somebody has been shot. >> who got shot? >> there is blood out there. jaime: blood right there, heard on this video. just some of the horror that we've seen, those of us covering this through the night. we're getting reports from some of the people inside that they played dead as the bul
on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. martha: patience wearing thin in ohio. some people without power for more than a week now, still living in the dark after powerful storms that tore through the mid-atlantic and the ohio valley on june 29th. these pictures show the damage in maryland. look at what these poor folks are going through. people in ohio are fed up at this point. >> people are starting to get a little frustrated because we haven't seen a truck down the street. >> we're getting frustrated. >> i called three times a day, every day. we have no way to keep her insulin cold. we can't find ice. everywhere is sold out of ice. >> keep saying supposed toe be in by tonight. not holding my
correspondent, mike emanuel live on the hill. early for us. mike, good morning to you. how many votes will come from democrats? >> reporter: we're counting heads at this point, bill. we confirmed three for sure so far. we expect that number will likely grow. look at names we confirmed at this point. dan boren, democrat from oklahoma. bill: larry kissell from north carolina and mike mcintire from north carolina. this vote will have very real political impact for democrats in districts where this law is unpopular if they vote against repeal. this may be trouble for them in november. to be fair, it may also have an impact on republicans in swing districts where voters may not crazy about this repeal effort. meanwhile here is a leading republican on the effort to go forward with repeal. >> if the facts that we now know today about this law were available when this law was being debated, there is no way this would have become law! this is a effectively a government takeover of 17% of our economy. >> reporter: a lot of republicans are saying this is not a symbolic vote. they're moving forward doing t
you back. so good to have all of i back with us this morning. obama campaign senior advisor robert gibbs was on tv. on sunday. says the rich don't need any tax breaks to get the economy to moving. >> we should protect tax cuts for middle class -- >> even though the recovery is not that -- >> we ought to do something about this deficit and ought to protect middle class tax cuts. the best way to do that is let upper end tax cuts expire. let the wealthy in this country doing fine for years and years and years begin to pay their fair share. make sure that we protect the tax rate that middle class families have had for the past many years. >> the president is completely committed to it. he won't allow it to happen? >> 100% committed. bill: 100%. white house chief correspondent ed henry on the north lawn. what is the strategy here? >> reporter: part the strategy, frankly to turn the page from friday when the president had another awful jobs report. he doesn't want to defend that part of the economy right now. so turn this into debate about tax fairness which is what he is doing about the
people would be kicked off their family's insurance policy. preexisting conditions would now be used by the insurance company to keep children from getting health care insurance. >> reporter: we expect some passionate arguments for and against repeal on the floor of the hoist and a vote to repeal sometime this afternoon. bill: here we go again. mike emanuel, live on the hill leading our coverage there. mike, talk to you a bit later. here is martha with more on this. martha: republican house leadership announced plans to repeal the vote on june 28th. that is the same day the supreme court upheld the health care overhaul. this marks the second attempt at third repeal and third 30 attempt to repeal this since august of 2011. it all comes before the next provision of the health care law kicks in. that happens on september 23rd. health insurers will be required to tell the government all the benefits they offer their applicants and enrollees. a full vote --. bill: we'll take in a lot of reaction to this all morning as we await a health care repeal vote, a top republican leader, peter ross
be with us and anna, it's been great today. thank you very much. >> anna: thanks for having me. >> brian: after the show show, all of these kids and anna will dance. news alert. are we on the verge of yet another government stimulus? a three-day slide on wall street fueling fears the economy sliding back toward recession and keeping the federal reserve on edge and they could, it could soon decide to try to give economy a jolt. is that a good thing or a bad thing? i'm bill hemmer. welcome here to "america's newsroom.". martha: that is a good thing. bill: you look like summer. martha: mary sunshine over here. good morning bill. i'm martha maccallum. something has to be bright. the economy is not looking real good. a onslaught of bad news and all the concerns we saw in europe. there the unemployment rate holding steady, 8.2%. europe has been in chaos. markets seriously slumping in the eurozone as well. bill: all this together now gives us the suggestion that there are reports that the federal reserve could once again step in with a $16 debt. stuart varney, anchor of "varney & comp
of the leaks and defends the white house. quote, i regret my remarks are being used to impune president obama or his commitment to protecting national security secrets. i know for a fact that the president is extremely troubled by these leaks, end quote. the about fares from her -- face from her raise eyebrows in the romney campaign. it appears if the smart got the cory booker treatment, referring to the newark, new jersey mayor reportedly chastised by the white house after making negative comments toward the white house. have you been bookered? martha. martha: and some troubling news for millions of americans who get health care benefits through their jobs. there is a new survey out and it claims that one out of every 10 employers plans to drop health care coverage for their employees in three years when the key provisions of the new health care law really begin to kick in. so one in 10 would stop covering employees according to this survey. peter doocy joins me now. he is in washington. so, peter, how many people would that impact? >> reporter: it's hard to say specifically but potentially
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